happy new year 2014

Happy Year New 


Some pics over the Christmas hols'

My family 

Some of my childhood friends


1st term

Been a "busy" bee over the past few months in my first term of university.
I have 4 projects going on :-

"Cave Game"
A puzzle exploration game that involves the Oculus rift. I won't say too much but it's going to be a very cool experience if played with the oculus. My role is technical artist, but I've been dabbling in a lot of modelling and pre-production side at the moment. Hopefully I will get into shaders and helping more out on the technical side.

"Project Space Face"
For this programming assignment I am with 4 other people creating an interactive experience with the kinect.
The process of the program will allow the person to pick an animal face (one of the zodiac), then the person's face on the screen will shed and become that animal. The kinect will track and retarget the head to a 3D object on screen, mimicking whatever the user is doing. I've been researching a lot into this and it's pretty hard to get good facial tracking on the eyes and mouth. Hopefully I can mock up something soon to show.
Using FaceOSC example

"Innovations - Camel Studies"
Not really creating anything new or beneficial but more of a exploring something new and experimenting in this project. I'm doing a factual "mockumentary" of Camels. So I'll be looking into true facts of camels and making it fun to watch. I'll also be rigging and animating a camel. Research into their anatomy and structure is important.

"Framestore Masterclass - Lighting Integration"
Integrating simple 3D object into a live action place. This is just learning a new set of skill which is lighting and rendering. Even though you are supposed to do something you are already good at but there wasn't any rigging masterclasses which is a shame :(
These are my chosen night and day shot. I need to composite a 3D object in for 10 seconds each footage.

Other things that happened during this term ...
- Visiting London Zoo for Camel reference A_A
- 2 Internship interviews in London
- A lot of Catan (board game for those who don't know)
- Bouncy castle
- Film projection in our small garden
- Sigur Ros Live (amazing)
- Ludovico Einaudi Live

Living in town is pretty awesome this year. I definitely don't regret it. Last year I lived in Winton and it's super boring. Old people is all I see and the town there is really uncreative....
However downside is that I spend more because of Christmas food stands.... 

Also recently watched The Hobbit : Desolation of Smaug in High Frame Rate. The footage felt sped up and like a TV Soap/Drama feel to it. Wasn't very fond of it but I could get used to it. Action scenes are much better as I can clearly see what's happening now :D
At the end of the film I usually watch the credits till the end, and it was nice to hear Ed Sheeran's singing.

My last day in Bournemouth for this term before I head out to Portsmouth tomorrow !
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year A_A


celebrations :)

Had an award ceremony night and it was very well organised by BFX/NCCA.
We won 4 awards in total.

Best Lighting
Best Compositing
Best Digital Environment
Best Pipeline/Workflow

Pretty happy with these results !

Awards that actually look and feel good !

My Producer(Lighting/Shading TD) and Director(2D Animator)

The whole team :)

BFX Awards Night


lighting with mental ray

I finally sat down with lighting and shaders with maya mental ray for personal usage.
Can't always seem to rely on playblast to showoff haha, anyhow this a rough 3D recreation of my room.
I roughly modelled it according to scale. I think it's a bit wider than the real life version but oh well.
Physical sun and sky, portal light to enhance FG for daylight interior lighting. In portal light I used a mib_blackbody to give temperature lighting.
Area light with physical light was used for the chandelier light.
In this video I animated day to night. I pushed the animation to nuke as I didn't seem to have enough rendering power/time to do gobo's or animate lighting in maya. Poor man's lighting animation :(


Much prefer daylight lighting as it shows much more form and gives a nicer feel to the interior environment

Need so much more work on shaders but I think I shall stop for the time being.

Some links that really helped
Also thanks to Michal for pushing for the chandelier shader and helping me on rendering settings :)


BFX Breakdown

My BFX breakdown. All work completed over 6 weeks in the competition.



My BFX Team Animation that we produced over 6 weeks. It has full of vibrant colours complimented with amazing animation and environment design.
I hope you enjoy it and that you may share it and like it ! :)

Synopsis : Teenager Alice feigns normality in her wacky and wonderful world.

I'd like to thank my team that I could work with them in this project. It has really been an awesome experience and that we all have a variety of skills to make this animation to become what it is now.
Mina for being a great director who's vision can carry through production. She has a creative eye that allows her to create new cool things.
Michal for being a render power house, and a technical ability to solve anything.
Rami for modelling like a mad man to create the fun and wacky environments. However preaches ZBrush too much at times :P
Taffy for having a pet camel. Just kidding...not really she really has. Taffy for bringing the fun and excitement to the group and introducing new culture. She also has an amazing eye for graphic design and use of after effects !
Artur for being a all-round designer. He can paint renders... Just the ability to do anything in Photoshop.

I've learnt polish and arabic from this group and it was one of the best experiences I've had.
All the best to them ! If you have time check out their work.
Mina ( 2D Animator ) - https://vimeo.com/bellakotka
Michal ( Lighting/Shading TD )  - https://vimeo.com/bellakotka
Artur Zima (Concept Art and Matte Painter) - https://vimeo.com/63756317
Rami ( Modeller ) - https://vimeo.com/user6132667

Also I thank BFX for creating this opportunity !